Day Camp: (Mon-Fri 7am-6pm)
Full Day (5+ hrs) $20.00 – 1st Dog*
Half Day (<5 hrs) $15.00 – 1st Dog*

*Each additional dog from same family $10.00 per day (Full or Half Day)
**Day Camp while boarding is $10.00 per dog per day.

Overnight Boarding: (charged by the day)
Super Suites (2 small dogs or 1 dog capacity) $20.00 – 1st Dog*
Canine Condos (3-4 dog capacity) $35.00 – 1st Dog*

*Each additional dog staying in SAME boarding room is $15.00 per day.
*Each additional dog staying in SEPARATE room gets 20% discount off room price.

**If dog(s) picked up by 9:00am Monday through Friday, no charge for that day.
**Pickup/Drop-off for boarding Sat-Sun between 5:00-6:00pm ONLY.

Temperament Testing: (Required before allowed into Day Camp or Boarding)
One Time Charge $10.00

Early Drop-off Fee: (MUST be pre-arranged with facility)
Before 7:00am $10.00 each occurrence

Late Pickup Fee: (Unless prior arrangements made)
Between 6:01-6:30 $10.00 extra charge
After 6:30 $20.00 extra charge

*No additional charge for feeding or administering medications.